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The Sacrament of Confirmation

We, the Parents/Guardians, family, friends and members of the Christian community in the Parish, pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit on our young people.

We look forward to welcoming them to the fullness of the Church of Christ. We pray that the Spirit will help them fulfil their mission as witness of Jesus, may they experience the love, peace and joy of the Spirit in their lives. In a spirit of faith we too renew our own commitment to Christian living.

Help us to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit received at our own Confirmation. Bless us with the gift of  prayer in our lives. Help us to give wise and courageous leadership to our young people in their journey of faith.

Lead us to a deeper involvement in our Church and to play a more committed part in building your kingdom.


May we never forget the presence of the Holy Spirit who is always with us. Come Holy Spirit, renew and refresh us.   Be with us now and always, Amen

Copies of "Your Child's Confirmation" are available at a cost of €5 from the Parish office or from the school.

Certificates for Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage


Certificates can be requested via email, or by phone or by calling to the sacristy or parish office.  Email is the most efficient way.  Please include  the following details: name, date of birth and approximate date of ceremony. If you send a stamped SAE with €5, we will post the certificate to you.

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