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The Sacrament of Marriage

Your desire to marry in Church is your invitation to Christ to be at the heart of your union. Through this Sacrament, Christ will be with you, not only on the day of your marriage, but all the days of your lives together.  We wish you every blessing and happiness, and hope you will find the following information helpful in your preparation for marriage. 

Requirement to give Three Months Written Notification:


You are required to fill out your Pre-Nuptial Wedding papers at least three months before the wedding with the priest of the parish you are living in.  Section 32 of the Family Act 1995 requires any person now marrying to give three months written notification.

Couples intending to marry are required to give this notice to the priests of the parish, whether the wedding will take place inside or outside the parish, so that the pre-marriage papers can be completed.

You are also required to give a minimum of three months’ notice to the (State) Civil Registration Office.

Tel: 01 863 8200. 

Pre Nuptial Wedding Papers

In preparation for a meeting with your local priest and filling up the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form your will need to gather the following Certificates and information;


Recently issued Baptism Certificate for both parties (Birth Certificate NOT required)

Confirmation Certificate (not necessary if confirmation details are on the Baptism Certificate)

Statement of Freedom, signed by a parent or sibling in the presence of a priest  Separate Statements are required for both Bride and Groom.

If you can send in or scan and email the certificates a few days before the meeting, it will save time on the evening.


If you can also send in the following information ahead of time it will be most helpful:

  • Date of  Marriage

  • Name and address of bride and groom

  • Contact number for bride and groom

  • Name and address of both witnesses

  • Name and address of Priest of parish where wedding is taking place

  • Name of Diocese where wedding is taking place

  • Name of priest officiating at the wedding

Pre-Marriage Courses

Pre-marriage preparation courses help you as a couple to explore the many challenges of married life, and help you to deepen your relationship.

Pre-marriage courses are organised in every Diocese by ACCORD, the Catholic Marriage Care Service. Couples getting married in 2021 are advised to pre-book their course. Booking can be made through the Central Office 01 4780866, or the Swords office, Seatown Road, Swords, Co. Dublin 01 8404550, or visit

Certificates for Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage


Certificates can be requested via email, or by phone or by calling to the sacristy or parish office.  Email is the most efficient way.  Please include  the following details: name, date of birth and approximate date of ceremony. If you send a stamped SAE with €5, we will post the certificate to you.

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Accord Dublin

ACCORD Dublin has  a new website.  For Sacramental Marriage Preparation Courses or for Marriage and Relationship Counselling please visit

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