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19th June, 2022

Corpus Christi

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Communion with Christ in the Eucharist presupposes his true presence, effectually signified by the bread and wine which, in this mystery, become his body and blood. The real presence of his body and blood can, however, only be understood within the context of the redemptive activity whereby he gives himself, and in himself reconciliation, peace and life, to his own. On the one hand, the Eucharistic gift springs out of the paschal mystery of Christ's death and resurrection, in which God's saving purpose has already been definitively realized. On the other hand, its purpose is to transmit the life of the crucified and risen Christ to his body, the Church, so that its members may be more fully united with Christ and with one another.

We invite everyone to join in our procession after the 5.30pm Mass especially all our young people who have received their First Holy Communion this year.


Mass Times


Weekday Masses

From Monday 31st January, Masses will be at the usual time of 10.00am in St Finian’s Church.


From Monday 31st January, Masses at Our Lady Queen of Heaven will be at the usual time of 1.00pm.

Weekend Masses

St Finian’s Church:

Saturday Morning: 11.00am
Saturday Vigil: 5.30pm
Sunday: 10.00am, 12.00pm.

Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church:
Sunday: 11.00am

All Masses and other Services in St. Finian's Church are available on our webcam.

St. Finian's will remain open for visits from 9.00am until 6pm each day. Strict rules of sensible hygiene will continue to apply; please ensure you maintain a distance of at least two metres from others, use the sanitisers provided and wear a mask.


Mass intentions can be booked with Stephanie at - or at 01 8409043.

Ukrainian language information helpline

Інформаційна лінія українською мовою

Ми запустили гарячу лінію та чат для підтримки людей, які залишили Україну. На гарячій лінії працюють україномовні та російськомовні співробітники.

Час роботи:

З понеділка по п’ятницю з 10:00 до 13:00

Номер телефону:

+353 (1) 913 1528



A Mass leaflet with the correct readings for Sunday can be downloaded here: Missalette


Instead of downloading every week, you may prefer a Sunday Missal of your own. If you get in touch with the parish office by emailing we will gladly order one for you. They cost €15.

We had no winner of this week's Jackpot - though one person matched three numbers. Next week's Jackpot is worth €2,600.

Thank you to all who participate in the parish Lotto every week. 

Don't forget to pick up your Lotto envelope at the church!

All Lotto envelopes must be submitted by 6pm every Sunday night. All funds from the Lotto draw will be used to complete works on both St. Finian’s Church and Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church - including renewal of ceiling and floors, and waterproofing and painting of exterior walls.

Lotto envelopes can be posted into the donation box on the wall as you enter the main door of St. Finian's church. Thank you for your support. Best of luck to everyone who enters our draw.

Click here to check the weekly LOTTO RESULTS


Thank you to everyone who supported our Lenten campaign in the parish this year. €4255 has been divided between the People of Rumbek in South Sudan and the people of Surigao City in the Philippines. If you would still like to donate you can do so as we will keep sending over your donations during the year. Once again we thank you all.

Masses are being offered for the following:

Friday 17th June    

Pauline Gallagher (RD)

Liz Shannon (RD)

Siobhan Wicks (RD)

Saturday 18th

11am Tessie McDaid (RD)

5.30pm Vigil

Liam Hazzard (6th AN)

Michael Casey (6th AN)

Robert Mulvey (AN)

Pat Luttrell (AN)

Sunday 19th               

10am Pauline Gallaher (RD)

12 noon Sam Nuytten (AN)

Esmond Mullen (RD)

Monday 20th    

Martin McCormick (RD)

Christopher McAllister (RD)

Maura Kelly (RD)

Tuesday 21st     

Ellen Fleming (AN)

John Joe & Margaret Murphy (AN)

Esmond Mullen (RD)

Wednesday 22nd                       

Linda Hughes (RD)

Mary O’Gorman (RD)

Health Intention

Thursday 23rd  

John Lynch (RIP)

William Knowles (RD)

Carmel Forbes (RD)

Friday 24th     

Eithne O’Sullivan (RD)

Ellen McGinty (RD)

Maura Kennedy (RD)

Saturday 25th

11.00 am Nuala Eastmond (RD)

Mary-Ellen Walsh (RD)

5.30 pm Vigil

Angela McNamara (RD)

Lily Blackwell (RD)

Sunday 26th               

10.00 am Margaret Keogh (AN)

Greg Claffey (RD)

12.00 noon Deirdre Clarke Bailey (AN)

Denis Hegarty (AN)

Mary Kavanagh (6th AN)


Help is needed with the cleaning of our church every Monday after the 10am Mass. Maybe you could give a helping hand we would love to have you on board.


40 hours of Eucharistic Adoration will be held in the Parish from 6am Saturday 18th June to 12 midnight Sunday 19th June. Please come and spend some time with the Lord.

Summer Dues

This collection helps out the first collection (common fund) which supports the priests of the parish. We ask that you give what you can to this envelope collection.

Thanking you so much for all your support to the parish.

Confession is available every day after Mass on request.


Couples intending to marry are required to give at least three months’ notice to the priests of the parish, whether the wedding will take place inside or outside the parish, so that the pre-marriage papers can be completed.