All Baptisms that were scheduled to take place for the month of April in our parish have been cancelled. Parents can re-schedule their  Baptisms with us in the near future. 


Baptism Team

We have a vibrant baptism team here in St Finian’s parish however, as we have a lot of baptisms we need a lot of members.  At this stage we are in need of some new members!  This is a very joyful and satisfying ministry and involves being part of a baptism every eight weeks (approximately) on either the 2nd or 4th Sunday of the month and a forty minute meeting on the previous Wednesday.  The parish Baptism Team are looking for new members to join their team. Training will be provided. Time commitment for this ministry is four Sunday’s a year. Do you think this ministry is for you? If so please contact Grace on 087 265 9400.


In Baptism you take on an important commitment; you promise to help your child to grow in Christian faith.  Your child is unique and precious in the sight of God and in Baptism the Christian community of the parish welcomes a new member. All are welcome to participate in this happy event, particularly the parents, godparents, relatives, neighbours and friends of the person being Baptised.


Baptisms in St. Finian's Church are on the second and fourth Sunday of every month at 12:30pm.

Baptisms on Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday.

All Baptisms to be booked one month in advance.

Preparation meeting is usually on the Wednesday prior to the Baptism in the Church at 8:00pm.





Certificates for Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage


Certificates can be requested via email, or by phone or by calling to the sacristy or parish office.  Email is the most efficient way.  Please include  the following details: name, date of birth and approximate date of ceremony. If you send a stamped SAE with €5 we will post the cert to you.

Statistical Information for the Archdiocese


We have recently sent back the annual statistics form to the Diocese which is sent onto Rome.  The statistics for St Finian’s parish for 2014 are:


  • Baptisms 132

  • Confirmations 105

  • Preparation for Marriage 59

  • Funerals 19

  • Pre-nuptial enquiry forms prepared for Marriages which took place elsewhere 53



When receiving First Penance and First Holy Communion, we should be spiritually prepared and appropriately reverend in our behavior.  Receiving The Body of Christ is a fundamental part of our religious practice, giving us a direct link with God.  Our Children prepare for their First Penance and First Holy Communion through the 

'Do This in Memory'  programme.


Part of the preparation for ‘Do this in Memory’  programme includes an Information Night, an Enrolment Ceremony and ten Sundays Masses that are set aside where you and your child will be asked to attend.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you and your child.


We welcome all of the children preparing for their First Holy Communion in 2016.  We wish them every blessing for the coming year.


We, the Parents/Guardians, family, friends and members of the Christian community in the Parish, pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit on our young people. We look forward to welcoming them to the fullness of the Church of Christ. We pray that the Spirit will help them fulfil their mission as witness of Jesus, may they experience the love, peace and joy of the Spirit in their lives. In a spirit of faith we too renew our own commitment to Christian living.
Help us to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit received at our own Confirmation. Bless us with the gift of  prayer in our lives. Help us to give wise and courageous leadership to our young people in their journey of faith. Lead us to a deeper involvement in our Church and to play a more committed part in building your kingdom. May we never forget the presence of the Holy Spirit who is always with us. Come Holy Spirit, renew and refresh us.   Be with us now and always, Amen


Copies of "Your Child's Confirmation" are available at a cost of €5 from the Parish office or from the school.


Your desire to marry in Church is your invitation to Christ to be at the heart of your union. Through this Sacrament, Christ will be with you, not only on the day of your marriage, but all the days of your lives together.  We wish you every blessing and happiness, and hope you will find the following information helpful in your preparation for marriage. 

Requirement to give Three Months Written Notification:

You are required to fill out your Pre-Nuptial Wedding papers at least three months before the wedding with the priest of the parish you are living in.  Section 32 of the Family Act 1995 requires any person marrying on or after 1st August 1996, to give three months written notification. 

You are also required to give a minimum of three months’ notice to the (State) Civil Registration Office.

Tel: 01 863 8200. 

Pre Nuptial Wedding Papers

In preparation for the meeting with your local priest and filling up the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form your will need to gather the following Certificates and information;


Recently issued Baptism Cert for both parties (Birth Cert NOT required)

Confirmation cert (not necessary if confirmation details are on Baptism Cert)

Statement of Freedom signed by a parent or sibling in the presence of a priest  Separate Statement required for Bride and Groom

If you can send in or scan and email the certs a few days before the meeting it will save time on the evening


If you can also send in the following information ahead of time it will be most helpful:

Date of  Marriage

Name and address of bride and groom

Contact number for bride and groom

Name and address of both witnesses

Name and address of Priest of parish where wedding is taking place

Name of Diocese where wedding is taking place

Name of priest officiating at the wedding


​Pre Marriage Courses

Pre-marriage preparation courses help you as a couple to explore the many challenges of married life, and help you to deepen your relationship.

Pre-marriage courses are organised in every Diocese by ACCORD, the Catholic Marriage Care Service. Couples getting married in 2015 are advised to pre-book their course. Booking can be made through the Central Office 01 4780866, or the Swords office, Seatown Road, Swords, Co. Dublin 01 8404550, or visit


Taking part in the sacrament of penance has been commonly known as “going to confession”.  In the last number of years this sacrament has developed to allow for individual confession and forgiveness in a group context. This is always a reflective and moving service and is easy to participate in.  In the Sacrament of Reconciliation we experience the love of God reaching out to us, enabling us to be better people, kinder, more loving and more fully alive.  We experience the love of God who is full of compassion and rich in mercy.


Jesus brought his healing word and touch to many people during his short ministry in Palestine. He cured many, gave sight to the blind and restored peace to troubled hearts. His acts of healing pointed to a time when God would wipe away all tears and sorrow in his kingdom of everlasting peace.


On the First Friday of each month, the priests of the parish make their visits to the sick and housebound.  If you would like a visit from a priest, please contact one of the Priests or the Parish Office.


Lord, in you may I find strength when I am weak,

Protection when frightened.

Turn my anxiety into joy.


Please contact any of the Priest's or the Parish Office if any of your family or loved ones is seriously ill.
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