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Parish Pastoral Collection

There will be a Parish Pastoral collection next weekend 5th /6th October after all Masses. All proceeds of this collection goes to the upkeep of our church.

Thank You!

The Parish Pastoral Council would like to thank everybody that came along to the Gatherings after Mass in December. We heard many thoughts and ideas about the involvement of young people in our Church, from people of all ages.  We will share these contributions with you in the New Year.



Your Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is currently seeking four new members and we are hopeful that the minimal time commitment will encourage new faces to come forward.


What is the Parish Pastoral Council?

The PPC is a faith-filled leadership group through which priests and people work together as co-responsible partners in furthering the mission of Christ in our Parish community.

There are currently 12 Members including Fr. Des, Fr. Eugen and Sr. Josephine. 6 Male; 6 Female


The PPC has specific responsibilities:

  • Discerning the pastoral and spiritual needs of our Parish community and involving the whole Parish in response to these needs

  • Supporting parishioners in understanding and living their Baptismal call as followers of Christ

  • Providing structures that will bring together the pastoral and spiritual needs of our Parish with the talents of parishioners and the resources of the Parish

  • Ensuring that effective dialogue takes place within our Parish, the Pastoral Area, the Diocese, and the wider community

  • Reviewing annually the contribution that it is making in the life of our Parish and inviting the Parish community to reflect on that contribution


Our Activities over the last year:

As some new members joined the PPC, we took time out in August and September 2016 to get to know each other better; reflect on and renew our understanding and ownership of our role, communication, prayer and pastoral planning. Arising from this we identified four pillars as areas of focus for the PPC:

(1) Prayer and Worship; (2) Faith Formation; (3) Outreach; and (4) Building Community.

In early 2017, new people were nominated to the PPC roles of Chairman, Deputy Chairperson and Secretary. We prioritised and commenced important preparatory work on our Parish youth  engagement.  This will be a medium to long term initiative and will require ongoing focus across many fronts by the PPC. We have rich feedback from Loreto College and this will provide us with a good foundation on which we can work to develop a youth owned and youth led programme going forward.

We also planned for and sought feedback in April 2017 from representatives of our Parish Groups to know their views of what the PPC needs to address on behalf of our Parish. We prioritised, based on available PPC resources, to:

  • Commit to regular PPC communications in our Parish going forward, this commenced in August 2017

  • Work with Parish Groups to recruit additional volunteer members where needed by Parish Groups

  • Continue with our Parish Youth Engagement work

Our goals and targets for the next 18 months:

  • We will communicate regularly with the Parish, seeking feedback on the contribution that the PPC is making in the life of our Parish and inviting the Parish community to reflect on that contribution

  • Work with all Parish Groups to ensure they have adequate volunteers in support of the development of our faith. Without these Parish Groups our Parish cannot function properly.

  • Progress Parish Youth Engagement work. Whatever programme of activities emanates from the youth engagement work, the programme will be youth owned and youth led. We believe this is the only valid basis on which this work will be enduring and be of tangible benefit to both the youth and to our Parish.

  • Prepare for the World Meeting of Families 2018. We hope to establish a new Parish Group for this purpose.

  • We will be attending a gathering of PPCs in Bishop Ray Field’s area on 14th October 2017.


What will you gain by joining the PPC?

Membership of the PPC provides people with a personal faith-filled opportunity to participate and contribute to their Parish community and in understanding and living their Baptismal call as followers of Christ.

As a PPC member you have the opportunity to use your unique talents and to work with other PPC members to progress key Parish initiatives, for example preparing for the World Meeting of Families 2018 and progressing Parish Youth Engagement work.


What is required from new members?

No training or previous experience is required - members however shall be baptised Catholics who participate in the life and worship of the Parish and available to attend PPC meetings.


What is the time commitment?

The PPC meets in the Church Oratory monthly, 10 times during each year, generally on a Tuesday evening at 7.30pm.  Meetings usually last 90 minutes.   Members may choose to give additional time working on new initiatives which the Council may be establishing or progressing.

Members are asked to commit to two years.  Some PPC members choose to continue on the Council beyond two years


What next?

The work of the PPC is very rewarding and critical to the further development of the parish and we would encourage you to consider serving what is, after all, our wonderful community.

New members will be introduced to the other PPC members at the November PPC meeting. At that meeting, new members will receive a presentation on the PPC and discuss the role and objectives of the Council.


Contact: Paul Moran Mobile: (086) 4639672  E-Mail:

Fr. Des Doyle 


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Fr. Antony Vibin


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Sr. Josephine Keegan


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Stephanie Pepper


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