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Click here to download a copy of our

River Valley Parish Groups booklet.

What is the Parish Pastoral Council?


Who are we?

Fr. Des (President), Fr. Antony, Sr. Josephine, Helen Martin, Angela Caulfield, Catherine Byrne, Maybell Owabumuwa, Sarah McCormack and Paul Moran (Chair).


 What are we doing?

  • Discerning the Pastoral and Spiritual needs of our Parish community, and involving the whole Parish in response to these needs.

  • Supporting parishioners in understanding and living their Baptismal call as followers of Christ.

  • Providing structures that will bring together the pastoral and spiritual needs of our Parish with the talents of parishioners and the resources of the Parish.

  • Ensuring that effective dialogue takes place within our Parish, the Pastoral Area, the Diocese and the wider community.

  • Reviewing annually the contribution that it is making in the life of our Parish, and inviting the Parish community to reflect on that contribution.


  • If there are any matters you would like to raise, please contact any of the members. We need to hear your views.


How often do we meet?

We meet monthly in the Oratory. During the pandemic, we have been meeting via Zoom.

Click here for the Minutes of our September 2021 meeting.

Click here for the Minutes of our March 2022 meeting.

Contact: Paul Moran at Mobile: 086-463-9672,  E-Mail:

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